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We (Luis & Nick and co.) are working on new games in this universe (and others)! Get hyped!



Portal Defenders: Can you stop the SPAM from bringing down the site in this beat-em-up adventure?!
Portal Defenders: Tower Defense: SPAMMERS are back! Defend the portal!
Portal Defenders: Fast Break: Defend a new portal... a basketball hoop!

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Other games we've made:

Castle Crashing the Beard HD: Revisit the grave yard to defeat THE BEARD for the 10th 12th anniversary of Castle Crashers!
Labyrinth: Secrets of Shadowhaven: Crawl through randomly-generated dungeons in this rogue-like adventure!
Madness: Premeditation: Plan your moves through the Madness universe in space and TIME!
Cave of Wonders: An epic boss battle to discover the secrets of the mysterious cave.
Pico Blast: Pico battles a giant, multi-phase, boss in the train yard in this run and gun!
Castle Crashing the Beard (Classic 2008): Tom won't shave until Castle Crashers is done!
Super Gonad Smasher: A very special 'family' oriented story.
The Duder Dilemma: Help the Criminal Duder find employment!
Wild River: Kevin Bacon.
Luis Launch: Beans are a valid method of propulsion.
SMOL: Defeat teeny tiny illuminati pixels.
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